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Tempest Filters

Tempest Filters


Power Line Filters for Tempest Applications

High-Power Performance in a Compact Package
Designed to Meet Demanding Tempest Requirements for RFI Suppression 20 KHz to 1 GHz (and beyond)
Operating Temperature -55 degrees C to +85 degrees C
Custom Steel Enclosures with Bulkhead Mounting to Suit Your Needs
Available in 1, 3, 5, 10 AMPs and beyond
Current Ratings for 240 VAC (60 Hz) Line-to-Line Voltages
Higher Line-to-Line Voltage Available Upon Request

  Tempest Filters "Light"


Tempest Line Filters "Light"

Same form, fit and function as the standard Tempest Filter Line without the large line to ground capacitance
Lower than 3.5 mA of AC leakage current as required by UL 1283 for filters used in class 1 grounded equipment @120 VAC
Lower resistance for reduction of equipment (internal heating)
Operating temperature -55 degrees C to +85 degrees C

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