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  Filter Networks began manufacturing RFI and EMI components in 1979. The most recent landmark in the company’s history is its acquisition by Curtis Industries in March, 2009. Curtis Industries, a Division of Powers Holdings, Inc., is a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of electronic EMI Filters and wire interconnect terminal blocks.

Filter Networks’ mission is to design and manufacture custom products, deliver within specification and on time, and bring significant value to the customer. By recruiting and maintaining diverse engineering and manufacturing talents, Filter Networks continues to respond to customers’ unique requests for a broad range of RFI and EMI components.

Filter Networks is recognized as a worldwide leading manufacturer of high quality RFI and EMI components and subsystems. Our products are designed for military, industrial and commercial applications. With 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, Filter Networks is committed to providing customers with technically advanced, high quality products at competitive prices. Our solid experience allows us to tailor standard “off-the-shelf” products to meet the most stringent requirements without the need for costly development efforts.

All products offered by Filter Networks are subject to the same rigorous design, manufacturing and inspection criterion. Our manufacturing, testing and inspections procedures are certified to ISO 9001:2000 by an ANAB accredited body. This further illustrates the company’s commitment to excellence.

The products featured on this website are the result of over 30 years of design experience coupled with the utilization of the most current computer aided technology. These products are analyzed using our own proprietary software programs that review electrical and physical parameters such as realizable “Q”, plating techniques and environmental considerations. Filter Networks’ designs are developed with ease of manufacturing and flexibility as a prime goal. Adequate inventories of raw materials and in-house control of all critical processes result in deliveries that are typically quoted in days, not weeks or months.

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