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Environmental Standards


Test Function Capabilities Reference
Immersion   MIL-STD-202,810
Seal   MIL-STD-210,883
Resistance to Solvents   MIL-STD-202
Solderability   MIL-STD-202
Resistance to Soldering Heat   MIL-STD-202
Terminal Strength   MIL-STD-202
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 100 to 5000 VAC
Insulation Resistance

1 to 1000 VDC
1 X 10 8  M Ohms

MIL-STD-202, 883
DC Resistance 0 to 2000 M Ohms MIL-STD-202
Capacitance 0 to 99 mF MIL-STD-202
Inductance 0 to 9900 H MIL-STD-202
Quality Factor (Q)   Quality Factor (Q)

High Temperature Life Test

Low Temperature Cycling

-65° C to +130° C MIL-STD-202, 81
Thermal Shock -65° C to +130° C MIL-STD-202, 810
Multi-component Burn-In

DC up to 100 Amp

240 VAC 400 Hz 3 phase 15 kW max

240 VAC 60 Hz 3 phase 25 kW

Current Measurement up to 10 A rms MIL-STD-220
Radiographic Inspection multiple part x-ray MIL-STD-202
Other testing measurements and conditions can be performed in a nearby test laboratory facility for a quick turn around basis.

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